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Patanjali  Wheat Grass Powder is made from hygienically harvested dried wheat 
grass.  Patanjali Wheat Grass Powder is a  natural supplement with no added artificial color and gluten-free. 
पतंजलि गेहूं घास का पाउडर स्वच्छता से सूखे गेहूं घास से बना है। पतंजलि गेहूं घास पाउडर एक प्राकृतिक पूरक है जो की कृत्रिम रंग और ग्लूटेन से मुक्त  है। 

Product Description

  • Dose 1 gm per Day 

    A complete natural food providing all the necessary nutrition.

    Wheat Grass powder is freshly juiced and dried into powder for human consumption, provides chlorophyll, amino acid, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Wheat Grass Powder helps cure Cance, Tumor, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Acidity, Colitis, Piles, Anaemia, Thalassemia, High B P, Heart problems (No Bypass needed), Joint pains, ladies problems etc. It is also an antioxidant and stress buster. Wheatgrass is a naturally rich source of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Enzymes, Chlorophyll and Dietary Fibre. 

    It contains more than 90 different nutritious substances and 19 Amino acids including 9 EAA (essential amino acids). The molecular structure of Chlorophyll contained in Wheat Grass bears a close resemblance to the substance called Hemin contained in human blood. Dieticians therefore call Wheatgrass as ‘green blood'. 100 g Wheatgrass Powder, obtained from 1 kg of fresh Wheatgrass, can supply nourishment equal to that obtained from 23 kg of selected vegetables. Wheatgrass Powder is high in dietary fibre and thus helps maintain blood sugar level, cholesterol level and prevents constipation.

    Try today to be free of any ailment. It is Wheat Grass treatment Therapy.

    Hygienically dehydrated Powder of Organic wheat grass powder

    Nature's most effective gift to mankind contains all useful elements, a complete spectrum of essential vitamins (large quantities of Vitamin C, A, B & E) minerals, amino acids, and dietary fibers.

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