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PATANJALI WELLNESS PVC Enema Kit for Home use Pack of 1

Enema pot for Easy Detox or Colon Cleansing at home
Graduated PVC can with lid, attached to a tube and nozzle - Capacity 1500 Ml - Proudly Made in India BY PATANJALI WELLNESS.
Enema kit is a Non-Sterile kit with enema colon Tip The kit is easy to Clean.
There is a hole at the upper back side of the main unit which you can mount on the wall easily for your purpose.
Easy Insertion. Positive-Close Clamp on Tube is Designed for One-Handed Operation.

Children below age 10, pregnant women and those suffering from (haemorrhoids) piles should not use the enema. Do not add any soap, chemicals, coffee, lemon etc. in your enema pot. It needs to be plain water.

Reduce bloating and inflammation.
Help kick start weight loss.
Healthy glowing skin.
Relives gas, indigestion, Constipation.
Remove toxins from blood, colon, liver.
Help heal candida & yeast infection.
Re-establish healthy gut flora.
Strengthen your immunity.
Increase serotonin levels.
Reduce aging free-radicals, Enhance energy, concentration, sleep
color and design may vary of box or container 

Pack contains 1 Anema Pot 1500ml, 1.5 meter long Silicon tube, 1 Pinch clamp, 2 Nozzles, 
Douche Can has a capacity of 1500 ml. The can is designed with a slot for hanging

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