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Dant Kanti junior paste Dental Cream - Advanced 100 gm


  • Patanjali Junior Dental cream is wonderful baby toothpaste. It contains herbal remedies that provide proper minerals to the teeth of children. It helps in proper cleaning of teeth. It is wonderful kids toothpaste that gives a good taste. It helps to give baby tooth care and promotes natural development of teeth in your child. Patanjali Junior Dental cream is a blend of natural herbs that increases the strength of teeth. It gives shining and white teeth to your child. It also helps to protect your child’s teeth from decay and inflammation. Children usually eat candies that cause tooth decay. It helps to clean teeth properly and prevents teeth decay in children. It supplies essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus to the teeth in children for proper growth and development. Many children complain of tooth pain due to inflammation of gums. Regular use of kids toothpaste helps to prevent tooth decay and gives relief from pain. It is a unique baby tooth paste that helps in the proper formation of teeth and your child may get shining white teeth by using this toothpaste every day.

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