Patanjali cystogrit diamond 20 tablets

Patanjali cystogrit diamond 20 tablets

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patanjali cystogrit diamond 20 tablets
Composition : Each Tablet Contains :
Extracts of : Kanchnar (Bauhinia variegate),
Haldi Extract (Curcuma longa),
Shila Sinoor,
Muktashukti Pishti,
Moti Pishti,
Tamra Bhasma,
Heerak Bhasma
Excipients : Gum acacia, Talcum, MCC, Croscarmellose

Indications : Malignant tumor, Karkatvridhi.

Mode of Administration : Oral

Dosage : 2 Tablets, twice a day, post meals with lukewarm water or as directed by the Physician.

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