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I crave instant noodles when I am unwell.However, I am allergic to egg,MSG or Ajinomoto.Not many people know,ajinomoto is made from animal bones.Sometimes giving special instructions to chef helped but not always when I was eating out.In authentic Asian cuisine,even curry is made with bone broth.Thus we started experimenting with home made noodles.Many retrials helped to create a spice mix without flavor enhancers.Homemade Noodles & tasty masala is my healthy market counterpart.You can make it at home too.Make a spice mix and voila!

Kids love Instant noodles.However,a mum always wants them to eat healthy. This is a win-win recipe for both mum and kids.They get their noodles,while we get no preservative stuff.

You can use this spice powder with any noodles.We prefer buying plain noodles from the market and using the homemade masala with the plain noodles.

Be it sobu,wheat,buckwheat or even vegetable or lentil based.

Another good noodle dish is the raw zucchini and carrot one.

Fresh from spiralizer,easy and tasty.Many food processors now have this attachment.I love mine by Ninja.

Choose your pick and create a new dish each week.

Enjoy and Bon apetite!

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