kaju curry masala

kaju curry masala

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shreeji vrindavan kaju curry masala 18g

kaju masala recipe | kaju curry recipe | cashew nut masala curry

kaju masala recipe | kaju curry recipe | cashew nut masala curry recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. basically the roasted kaju’s or cashew nuts served in a spicy creamy sauce prepared with tomato and onion base. it is generally served as main dish in a north indian thali or cuisine for roti/chapathi or even for paratha’s.
kaju masala recipekaju masala recipe | kaju curry recipe | cashew masala nut curry recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the favourite punjabi cuisine or north indian cuisine creamy curry recipe with all age groups. the combination of crunchy roasted cashew nuts and spicy sauce is just lips smacking. typically it is served with naan or butter roti in restaurants, but it can also be enjoyed with puri, chapathi or even bhatura.

cashew nut masala curry recipe is my favourite curry or sabzi recipe after the paneer based curries. it took me long time to post this recipe, but i certainly had not forgotten about it. even today, whenever i go to my hometown i never miss a opportunity to visit famous woodlands hotel in udupi which is famous for its spicy kaju masala recipe. the one you get in most of the restaurant is dry version, but i have made it more creamy and saucy. i personally like it that way, but it is totally up to one individual taste and preference.

kaju curry recipe

furthermore some important tips and suggestions for a perfect and creamy kaju masala recipe. firstly, i heavily recommend to use whole and without any dents and cuts cashew or kaju’s. otherwise the kaju’s may dissolve with smaller size. secondly, roast the cashew’s in a low flame before adding it to the curry. otherwise, you may not have a crunchy nutty experience while serving. lastly, i have added full cream in this recipe which is completely optional and can be safely ignored.

finally i request you to check my other curries and sabzi’s recipes collection with this recipe post of kaju curry recipe. it mainly includes, paneer butter masala, soya chunks masala, matar paneer, methi mali paneer, paneer masala, bhaingan masala, palak paneer, veg kurma and veg sagu recipe.

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