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sp kadhi masala 12g

Many healthy ingredients go into this Kadhi Masala paste, such as fresh turmeric roots, ginger root, mango ginger root and so on. I always have to have the paste ready as Kadhi is our staple recipe to go in our everyday meal menu. There are few variations for making Kadhi. You don’t have to have always this paste for making Kadhi. You can just make Kadhi with ginger and green chili as well. But when few other ingredients like Fresh Turmeric Roots (Kachi Haldi or aka pili haldi), Mango Ginger (Amba Haldi) are in season, you can prepare the paste in bulk and freeze. Where I grew up, sometimes, fresh pigeon peas(Lili Tuvar) is also added to enhance not only the flavor but nutrition as well. Not only that, try serving this paste as a chutney with Beans Lentil curry and you will be amazed how it brings instant flavor to any meal.
In the video below, watch me (Bhavna) as I give out my secret ingredients to make the aromatic Gujarati kadhi masala. Very simple, very healthy and loaded with medicinal values, this Gujarati kadhi masala can be used to make any kadhi, dry pickles or it can be even eaten as a chutney. Using this Gujarati kadhi masala on a daily basis, will not just give that extra zing to your dish but will also help in keeping you healthy and fit for long! So watch this video and see how to make it.
I usually use following ingredients to prepare my Kadhi Masala Paste but you can add/omit ingredients as per your preference
1 cup Ginger Root
1/2 cup Mango Ginger Root if available
1/8 cup Turmeric Roots or dry ginger powder can be used later when making Kadhi
5 Curry Leaves
Green Chili as per taste
Salt to taste

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