HESH Shatavari Powder - Ground Root Powder | Asparagus Racemosus Pure Herb100G 3/25

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Shatavari Powder - Ground Root Powder | Asparagus Racemosus | Pure Herb 100G
100% NATURAL HEALTH TONIC: Shatavari is a versatile health tonic that promotes vitality, strength, and a general feeling of wellbeing. Used for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed to offer a range of health boosting benefits

SUPPORTS THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM: Shatavari powder is commonly prescribed for both men and women to promote fertility. It is thought to increase libido, support healthy semen production in men, and maintain a healthy reproductive system in women.

ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES: A natural superfood that fights free-radical cell damage, organic shatavari powder contains antioxidants to help the body combat those little nasties. It is also believed to have anti-inflammatory capabilities

AYUREVEDIC ADAPTOGEN: In the science of life, Shatavari is considered an Ayurvedic adaptogen, which can help the body resist all physical, chemical and biological stressors. It’s a natural stress reliever that has been used for centuries in healing traditions.

Traditionally used to support a healthy balance of female hormones, Shatavari is believed to play an important adjunctive role in promoting fertility and vitality. Shatavari soothes and nurtures, supports physical and mental digestion, and is understood to aid the reproductive system.

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