Hesh Dia-Care Herbal Powder 100g NEW STOCK EXP: 31/03/2025

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Hesh Dia-Care Herbal Powder 100g NEW STOCK EXP: 31/03/2025

Elugenia Jamboloma
Tinospora cordifolia
Gymnema Sylvestre
Cressa Cretica
Csekria esculentra
Product description
We are manufacturers of Diabetes Herbal Medicine. Dia-Care curbs type 1 and type 2 diabetes within 90 days and heals within 18 months. Individuals who take insulin will eventually be freed from addiction to it. The entire treatment is completed in 6 phases, each phase lasting 90 days. In this way, diabetes can be cured within 18 months.

Dia-care herbal powder is a unique herbal compound and has no side effects, nor does it interact with other herbs or allopathic medicines. Dia-Care is useful for controlling NIDDM and IDDM in adults. In the Juvenile case, success is very limited.

A clinical study shows that Dia-care is effective in controlling sugar levels in type II diabetes.

From the clinical course it was found that Dia-care exhibited a significant percentage increase in the decrease in fasting blood sugar level (FBG) and postprandial blood sugar level (PPBG) with gradually positive increases in the decrease throughout the study period. The effect shown on day 90 was superior to the activity shown on day 45;

However, Dia-care showed a significant increase in the reducing effect on HbA1c levels, which was considered to be an important parameter in the control of diabetics.
Dia-care is our careful blend of wild-crafted herbs. It has a long remedial history in Ayurveda where they are traditionally used to assist in balancing Prameha. Prameha was described in the ancien...

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