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Indian masala chaas is the ideal summer drink! Made with yogurt, water and some spices, it’s not only light and refreshing but also good for you!

One of the things which stops me from going vegan is yogurt (well the cheese and butter too!! but for now let’s talk about yogurt). I grew up eating a lot of yogurt and that’s given since it’s used extensively in Indian cuisine. And if not in a recipe, we eat yogurt in some way or the other every day. For example, no lunch at my home in India is complete without a side of raita. If there’s no raita then just plain yogurt with a sprinkle of cumin powder will do. So it’s basically deep rooted in my system and so hard to give up.

Masala chaas is one summer drink which you can made even in advance. Make it ahead and keep it refrigerated till ready to serve. It tastes best when chilled. Stay cool and enjoy this recipe! xx

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